B.C & Co.’s objective is to provide audit and assurance services of the highest standard to clients.  The staff is a combination of local experts and experienced personnel trained in house.  Training and development are of prime importance, with specific emphasis on audit processes and quality control. Thus, the client gets the benefit of the long drawn experience of the B.C & Co. professionals.

The B.C & Co. audit philosophy centers around the assessment of risks inherent in the client’s business through sound professional judgment and the provision of value for money audit services based on such assessment.  B.C & Co. believes that the personal commitment and motivated audit teams are essentials for quality service to the client.

The audit team specializes in areas such as banking and financial services, real estate, the manufacturing industry, the services industry, etc. Our audit approach ensures that financial reporting information is accurate, systems and controls are operating effectively and management and regulatory information is reliable.  We focus on areas where the risk of material misstatement of financial information is highest. We thoroughly plan our audit work, concentrate on these areas and examine accounting systems and controls.

Client considerations such as anticipation of problems and early identification of issues to ensure that there are no surprises at the end of an audit, regular contact to discuss key issues which affect operations, and speed of response, all form part of the high quality service approach.

Management Assurance Services

Today, organizations are expecting their internal audit functions to add value by being more operationally focused.

The role of internal audit is to assist Management in maximizing the opportunities and minimizing the threats to the organization.  Internal audit must maximize the assurance provided to the Board, the Audit Committee and Management, and contribute to the continuous improvement strategies of an organization.

Internal audit functions must now focus on issues such as corporate governance, business risk management, fraud risk management, best practice and changing legislative requirements.

We work towards achieving this.

Our Services

  • Statutory and Tax audits
  • Internal control reviews
  • Application of accounting principles and policies
  • Assistance with the clear and effective presentation of financial results
  • Best practice and benchmarking of internal audit
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Establishment of new accounting systems
  • Outsourced accounting and payroll services
  • Secretarial and other Company law matter.